Jojo Karlin

Animals Reading

Lion Pride and Prejudice

Hermit Crab Reading A Room of Ones Own

Whale Reading Waiting to Exhale

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Remains of the Day

Snake Reading A Farewell to Arms

Chicks Reading Little Women

Lonesome Dove

Notes from Underground

Animal Farm

Pilgrim's Progress

Wizard of Oz

The Sun Also Rises

Tail of Two Cities

Eastern Birds

Lord of the Flies

Rabbit, Run

Life After Life

Catch 22

Silent Spring

As I Lay Dying

Wolves Reading Goodnight Moon

Bear Reading Secret Life of Bees

Beaver Reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Cuckoo Reading Kesey

Platypus Reading Are You My Mother?

Middlemarch of the Penguins

Fox Reading The Little Red Hen; Hen Reading Fantastic Mr. Fox

Rat Reading Notes from The Underground

Cockroach Reading Kafka